Crispy Samosa Recipe

Samosa is everyone’s favorite dish. Samosa is also one of the most popular fasting foods.

Many samosas are bought from bakeries. From now on, delicious vegetable samosas will be prepared at home …


(Makes 10-11) Wheat flour – 2 cups Unroasted rava / Semolina – 4 tbsp Salt Oil – 3 tbsp For the filling: Boiled and deshelled eggs – 6 Onion – 2 big (Thinly sliced) Ginger – 1 piece (Crushed) Green chilly – 3 small (Finely chopped) Carrots (Optional) Tomato Turmeric powder – ½ tbsp Coriander powder – 2 tbsp Red chilly powder – ½ tbsp Pepper powder – ¼ tbsp Garam masala – ¼ tbsp Salt Oil

Below is a detailed video of how to make it. Share with your friends if you like. Like this page to get more recipes.

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